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Tube Combine (2)

Our company is happy to introduce a state-of-the-art Straightener, Flying Cutoff and Computer Operated Camless Coiler (Combine).

The system may be provided with a payoff to accept bunched coils from the users baskets. The tubing is fed from the payoff to a pre-straightener/tube cleaner prior to entering the straightener. An eddy current tester/tube defect marker can also be provided. The straightener is arranged with 4 fixed and 3 hand wheel adjustable straightening rolls in each plane. The straightening rolls have two grooves permitting size changes by inverting the rolls. After the tubing is straightened it is delivered to the electro-servo driven flying cutoff mechanism. The flying cutoff carriage is accelerated to line speed by a "closed loop" low inertia AC. servo motor system without the need to reduce line speed or clamp the tube. The AC. servo motor system provides continuous speed and position correction during carriage acceleration.

The straight length tubing is then delivered to a runout table or to the camless coiler. The camless coiler has 3 driven single groove inverted tooling rolls. One of these rolls is automatically positioned through the computer controls to accurately develop the variable tube radii when pancake coils are run. The tooling rolls can also be kept in a fixed position if helical coils are desired. The coilers computer control will accept variables such as tube ID, OD, and coil dimensions.

The system also includes a non-elevating, tilting receiving table. The table will automatically tilt allowing the finished coil to be transferred to an awaiting conveyor or tote pan.

Two size ranges are available. 1/8" - 7/8" diameter tubing with recoiled pancake dimensions to 8" ID min. - 34 3/4" OD max. and 1/4" - 1 1/8" diameter tubing with recoiled pancake dimensions to 12" ID min. - 48" OD max. Recoil length size range 25' to 100'. Straight length size range 10' to 50'. Cut length accuracy + or - 1/16". Straight length speed, 0 - 800 fpm. Recoiling speed, 0 - 450 fpm.


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Item #Coil Diameter RangeCut Length AccuracyRecoil Length RangeRecoiling SpeedStraight Length RangeStraight Length SpeedTubing Size Range
Range A, Tube Combine8 to 34 3/4 in± 1/16 in25 to 100 ft0 to 450 fpm10 to 50 ft0 to 800 fpm1/8 to 7/8 in
Range B, Tube Combine12 to 48 in± 1/16 in25 to 100 ft0 to 450 fpm10 to 50 ft0 to 800 fpm1/4 to 1 1/8 in


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