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Model 76 Integral Light Gauge Slitter

The Model 76 dual rewind arbor integral slitter for light gauge slitting. The dual arbors allow the user to alternate slit material strands to separate arbors. This eliminates the problems such as camber associated with fan out.

The New Model 76 slitter illustrated is equipped with an air shaft payoff mandrel simplifying loading and positioning of the payoff coils. A pass line roll and hardened side guides on the slitter's entry table provide accurate alignment of the incoming strip prior to reaching the slitting knives. The slitter head is manufactured from a heavy-duty casting providing strength and rigidity. The slitter head incorporates our latest precision bearing design ensuring a maximum arbor shoulder run out that is measured in millionths of an inch. Exit head pinch rolls are provided to guide the strip and perform light deburring operations. Our Patented "Slip Tech" Core slip rewinding system is utilized to accurately control tension throughout the coil build up. Exit strip alignment is accomplished via
an integrally mounted, counterbalance type overarm separator.

The drive train can be arranged with a single drive for economy or individual drives for the payoff, slitter head, and rewind spindles may be provided for greater operator control of tension and over speed when coreslip rewinding. Can accommodate a wide range of entry and exit coil ID's and OD's.


Eliminates the problems associated with rewind fan out!


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