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Model 260e Linear Elevating Overarm Separator

The Model 260e was designed specifically to integrate with our Sliptech (shown) core slip rewinding system (U.S. Patent #5,292,084) or conventional core slip rewinding. The Model 260e is a separate floor mounted, free-standing unit. A sonic coil diameter sensing device actuates the hydraulic directional control valve elevating the strip passline and separator tooling rolls as the outside diameter of the coil increases.

Consistent position of the strip passline and separator tooling rolls are maintained relative to the coil outside diameter throughout coil build up. This eliminates tension created by strip surface contact with the separator tooling rolls, increasing coil quality. This is a major improvement over conventional
integral rewinder mounted overarm separators that travel in an arc.

Operator controls are included to allow the unit to be raised and lowered manually for set-up. The rugged welded steel frame can be mounted directly to the floor, or as an option can be mounted to precision linear ways to move the unit for accessibility when unloading coils with an overhead crane. The unit can be designed to accommodate most any strip width and rewind coil diameter.


Maintain consistant position between strip and overarm tooling throughout coil build-up.


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