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Model 146 Injection Head Slitting System

We introduce our latest design Injection Head Slitting System. This new system allows the operator to preset slitter head tooling off line while the slitting line is running. The Injection Head Slitting System is provided with a test drive stand. This provides the operator with the ability to test the slitter headset up by sending a piece of material through the slitting head offline and inspect it for accuracy without slitting line downtime. After completion of the slitter head set up, the Injection Head Slitting System allows for the in-line slitter head to be interchanged with the off-line preset slitter head in less than 60 seconds.

Each slitter head rides on precision linear anti-friction round ways. The operator unlatches the head in the in-line machine and positions it onto an awaiting transfer car. The transfer car is then moved out of position to allow for the off-line preset slitter head to be positioned in-line. The previously in-line slitter head can then be re-tooled and tested offline.

The Injection Head Slitting System can interchange the slitting heads in less than 60 seconds, therefore, a powered system is not required, eliminating unnecessary hydraulics or electrics. (Powered systems are offered should the application require.) This system can be offered with a complete slitting line or as a retrofit to an existing slitting line. Many size slitting heads can be provided with this system.


Preset Slitting Head Tooling Off-Line.
Interchange Slitting Head In Less Than 60 Seconds!


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