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Bunch Coiler

Our company is pleased to introduce our Model 208 horizontal bunch coiler. This coiler is designed for bending and coiling tubing or solid rod into a bunched coil up to 60" in diameter and to 1000 lbs. In total weight.

The Model 208 is a heavy duty coiler designed for mill service. Material fed to the coiler is bent by means of a set of driven coiling rolls in which the third of the set of three acts as a bending roll. These are mounted in a coiling head assembly fixed to a heavy duty steel base cabinet which houses an hydraulic coil stripper and end disc assembly. The bent material is fed through a funnel type guide and onto a receiving drum which receives the coiling rolls. The stripper then acts to compress the loose coil into a finished bundle for strapping. 


Max. Coil Length100 ft
Max. Coil O.D.Max. Coil O.D.
Max. Coiler Speed300 fpm
Max. Tube O.D.1 5/8 in
Min. Coil I.D.16 in
Min. Tube O.D.1/4 in


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